Changes are a-coming

Haven’t been posting much because my work is currently draining my energy every day. But that will soon change, as within the next month I’ll be moving to a less physically taxing and more collaborative job at the retail store. I’m hoping it means I’ll have a little bit of energy in store at the end of the day.

I’ve been a cooperative employee over the 18 months I’ve worked there, going from job to job at the request of the managers. Nobody asks what an employee likes to do. Nobody asks if an employee is happy in a job. It feels a bit like you’re a widget, getting plunked in a place where a warm body is needed. I’ve been working with people much younger than me, with managerial styles that are more top-down than collaborative. After a couple of months and more than a few frustrating days, I looked around for a job that would better suit me. I found another team, one led by an older woman who shares my ideas on how employees can be best managed. Those on her team seem to be happy and nobody gets moved against their will. And then I learned a couple positions are opening up. For the first time, I have a choice. I applied to be on this team and got accepted. I’ll make the move in a month, once the current schedule runs out.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a second appointment with my new diabetes doctor. I realize now that this talk about emotional diabetes is going to result in dead silence, so I’ll set that aside. These people are focused on bringing down my glucose levels, which peak at night because I don’t use long-term insulin. I don’t want the weight gain that goes along with the stuff. After the first appointment three weeks ago, I made a trip to the lab so they could assess my blood tests. I saw online that, again, my the blood tests are all within healthy limits except for glucose levels in the blood. I’m grateful but mystified how my body seems to avoid complications from sustained high blood glucose.

One thing mentioned at the first appointment was the possibility of putting me on an insulin pump, a kind of external pancreas. It takes dosing of insulin out of my hands, and will keep my levels in line through night and day. Pumps only use short-term insulin, and the cost is covered by the provincial medical plan.

We’re getting to the time of year where spring seems a long way off, but it’s really not. I see buds forming in my garden and the days are ever so slowing getting longer. I miss being on the water in my kayak and visiting the beach for some quiet time. I’ll get back to both the beach and the sea soon, and I can’t wait.

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