Tracking reveals truth

Further to my last post about my endo asking for a week’s logging of carb intake — I get more unsettling clarity.

I’ve condensed this to just show fast-acting insulin shots for carbs and corrections. My usual diet is no breakfast, a homemade egg mcmuffin (English muffin, 1 egg, mayo, bacon), a big green salad (a romaine heart chopped, tomato, cukes, green onion, vinaigrette), snacks of cheese and cold cut meat.

July 23 — 11 fast-acting for carbs, no need for corrections

July 24 — 8 for carbs, 9 for corrections

July 25 — Day off work — 9 for carbs, 17 for corrections

July 26 — Day off work — 13 for carbs, 10 for corrections

July 27 — 10 for carbs, 5 for corrections (at 2 am., carryover from day before)

July 28 —  10 for carbs, 5 for corrections (again from overnight high)

July 29 — 9 for carbs, no corrections

July 30 — Day off work — 5 to correct overnight high. Forgot lunch insulin so glucose was 14 when I got home. Injected 5.  Upped nighttime long-term insulin to 14. Despite this Keto bbq sauce caused overnight spike.

July 31 — (Upped long-term insulin to 13) 12 carbs, 20 corrections.

Aug 1 — 9 carbs, 13 corrections

Aug 2 — 6 carbs, 11 corrections

Aug 3 — 6 carbs, 3 correction

Aug 4 — 6 carbs, no corrections


Aug 13 — Day off work. — 5 carbs, 25 corrections

Aug 14 — day off work — 8 carbs, 22 corrections

Aug 15 — 9 carbs, 2 corrections

Aug 16 — 7 carbs, 8 correction

Aug 17 — 11 carbs, 2 correction

Aug 18 — 12 carbs, 5 correction

Aug 19 — 10 carbs/corrections (forgot to inject at meal)

Aug 20 — Day off — 9 carbs, 19 correction

Analysis: I included the ‘days off’ because I believe my glucose is tied to my emotional state, and things in my brain tend to be calmer when my mind is occupied. This confirms that what I have called “3-day stress reactions” still take place and are evident in the data of my glucose levels.

I’m sure a popular notion that my higher glucose levels on days off are tied to snacking. I don’t have any treats in the house except candies, and those are only for life-saving measures of diving glucose. I once asked a doctor about prescribing me Xanax for some other stress drug to lower my glucose and he shuddered. I’m sure patients say the silliest things. Still, I’m still at a loss at how to reduce anxiety when it’s not felt on the surface.

The other thought that arises is that this pattern of high glucose/no reason is what wore out my pancreas in the first place. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with no symptoms, and it’s taken me this long to realize that my body’s been whirling with periodic states of high anxiety — without me being aware. And so here I am. How many others are out there?

Some of these days are spectacular. Very little insulin required. Why can’t they all be like that? I will continue to work on my emotional state in hopes that I can protect whatever is still working in my pancreas/liver/adrenal system.

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