Time to move on

I got through Christmas, but I seem to have lost knowledge on formatting my blog, so please forgive me for the ugly layout. (On the the other hand, I can’t seem to navigate WordPress like I did before, so maybe there’s an update or something else messing me up.)

I received a Christmas gift from a friend, one who understands my difficulties with Christmas. It’s this hat, which seems to sum up the hierarchy of my household. I was pretty tired through the day since I’m still adjusting to full-time hours at the retail store, and Christmas was my “Saturday.”

She also kindly gave me a book on kayaking on Vancouver Island. I had such fun last summer with my bulbous Pelican. I’m looking forward to another good year on the water. There was good news announced yesterday, that the family that owns Link Island have donated it to the Islands Trust so the natural elements can be protected. I paddled along Link Island in the summer…


Like many folks, I’m both looking forward to 2023 and reflecting on the year past. The year 2022 featured a number of surprises, and one of the big ones is that I’m writing a blog. I didn’t realize how much I missed writing — that satisfying feeling of capturing a feeling that seems hard to pin down, and that “Yeah! That’s it!” as I hit the button to publish. Sure it’s hard to be this vulnerable, but my goal is to connect with others who may have emotional diabetes. Or at least, to spread the word of what it is.

I have a long way to go. This becomes clear as I talked to an online doctor recently for a prescription refill. He asked what type of diabetes I had and I went through my situation of why it’s not Type 1 and why it’s not Type 2. And the funny thing is, when he asked “Are you a medical professional?” I said “No” without even flinching. I didn’t realize at the time he felt I was overstepping my patient/doctor boundary. Apparently on doctors are allowed to diagnose the types of diabetes — in retrospect he would have preferred I’d mentioned that different doctors have said I have different types. It’s probably a good thing that the anger hit me after the conversation was over.

Still, there’s good news in the offing on the doctor front. In the new year, I’ll be seeing a team of diabetes specialists at the BC Diabetes clinic in Vancouver. I’ve read the website and see some of the options available through the facility. I don’t know what they have in store, but I have to get some ideas on how to deal with these stress responses, which I’m currently experiencing now, where my glucose remains high for several days no matter how much insulin I inject.

I also got a new dog this year. Pete is just two years old, and a total cuddlebug. He and Gemma are starting to play, and I think she’s liking this guy a lot.

Much of what I’ve done this year is forward-looking, and that’s emotionally healthy. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

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