Life without a CGM

In short, this past while without my Dexcom continuous glucose meter has been both peaceful and scary.

For the most part, I have other things to think about and I often forget to check my glucose with a finger poke. There are no alarms to alert me to highs and lows, and there’s a peaceful feeling in that.

On the other hand, a finger poke can indicate a low that I cannot feel. Or I very much feel. And I miss my CGM for its capability to give me a warning. I don’t want to die at this point.

After a couple weeks of frustration fighting with the BC Medical system, I found an angel. Dr. Tom Elliott of BC Diabetes got involved and submitted my application for special authority (necessary to get Dexcom by prescription) and then texted it would be approved in TWO HOURS. The norm is six weeks. How do people survive? Anyway, the other gobsmacking element is the SA will remain in effect for five years. I couldn’t get any other doctor to go beyond six months.

Yesterday I went to my pharmacy for sensors but they were out. More should arrive today. I have my transmitter in my pocket so I can get back online immediately.

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